Iris Esther Chaseling (obit.1912)


Headstone (fallen) of Iris Esther Chaseling
Sackville Methodist Cemetery [SHRB.23]

A very sad bereavement befel Mr. and Mrs. John Chaseling, of North Sackville, on Xmas Day, when their daughter, Iris Esther, aged 14 years, was drowned in the Hawkesbury River. It seems that in the afternoon the child, with a younger sister, went for a walk after dinner. After rambling about for while they went to their father’s wharf, and while sitting there Iris overbalanced and fell into the river. Her sister ran home and told what had happened, and the father, who was taking an after-dinner nap, at once ran down to the river, a distance of about a quarter of a mile, jumped into the water and searched for the body. The alarm was raised and assistance arrived, but it was not until the body had been in the water for an hour that it was found in a deep hole near the wharf. Every effort was made at resuscitation. The sad occurrence cast a gloom over the district, and widespread sympathy is expressed for the parents. The District Coroner, Mr J. B. Johnston, J.P., held an inquiry into the circumstances of the drowning on the 26th ultimo, when a verdict of accidental death was recorded. The funeral took place on Boxing Day, when the remains were laid to rest in the Methodist cemetery, Sackville. Rev. T. F. Rudd carried out the last sad rites, and Mr. J. W. Chandler was the undertaker. [SHRB.23]