Welcome to the River and the Reach


A fabulous view (taken in 1910) of the Hawkesbury River at Sackville [SHRB.01]

“Undoubtedly, one of the prettiest and most picturesque settlements on the river … “

From this vantage point the view is looking along a part of the river known as the Portland Reach, which disappears in the distance behind the tree line where the river meanders on towards Ebenezer. In the foreground is the Sackville Methodist Church on the left bank of the river, known today as Sackville North. On the opposite bank, the Church of St. Thomas at Sackville can be seen, with the burial ground (mid-right) surrounded by fencing. The stretch of water that comes into view on the right is known as the Sackville Reach. [SHRB.01]