End Notes

Newspaper articles courtesy of TROVE (National Library of Australia)

[SHRB.01] Welcome to the River and the Reach
Photographic Image; Courtesy of the Mitchell Library, State Library New South Wales
Title – Album 54; Photographs of the Allen family; 8th May 1910 – 13th September 1910
[SHRB.02] Church of St. Thomas
Photographic Image; from the author’s collection (2002)
Laying the Foundation Stone; Sydney Morning Herald, 6th January 1870
Opening of St. Thomas Church; Sydney Morning Herald, 11th February 1871
[SHRB.03] Upper Portland Head, February 1847
Sydney Morning Herald; 12th February 1847
[SHRB.04] Sackville Reach Orchards, c.1920’s
Photographic Images; Sydney Mail, 24th August 1921
[SHRB.05] Hariot Kirwan (obit.1841)
Photographic Image; Headstone of Hariot Kirwan, from the author’s collection (2002)
M.R. Sainty & K.A. Johnson; Census of NSW, November 1828, Library of Australian History, Sydney 1985
Hawkesbury Courier and Agricultural and General Advertiser, 27th March 1845
Sydney Morning Herald, 13th February 1882
The Australian, Windsor, Richmond and Hawkesbury Advertiser, 8th April 1882
Photographic Image; Kirwan Family Plot, from the author’s collection (2011)
[SHRB.06] “The Parsonage”
Photographic Image; New South Wales. Government Tourist Bureau (1909). Tourists’ Handbook of the Hawkesbury River and North Coast Lake District. The Bureau, [Sydney?]
Windsor and Richmond Gazette, 24th June 1905
Windsor and Richmond Gazette, 1st February 1913
The Methodist, 8th February 1913
Gosford Times and Wyong District Advocate, 18th October 1923
[SHRB.07] C. of E. Cemetery Trustees (St Thomas Cemetery)
NSW Government Gazette; 25 April 1903, 12th December 1919, 31st August 1923, 26th November 1925, 26th November 1926, 9th July 1948, 7th June 1963
[SHRB.08] Sackville North General Cemetery
Photographic Image; from the author’s collection (2002)
NSW Government Gazette; 2nd December 1899
[SHRB.09] Sackville North Cemetery Trustees
NSW Government Gazette; 30th May 1900, 8th September 1900, 10th December 1943, 26th August 1955, 9th August 1957, 12th September 1957
[SHRB.10] Hawkesbury River Flood, 1867

Sydney Morning Herald; 2nd July 1867
[SHRB.11] Bailliere’s P.O. Directory 1867
The Official Post Office Directory of New South Wales (Bailliere’s) 1867;
F.F. Bailliere, Publisher, Sydney and Melbourne, 1867
Ballendella (obit.1863)
Photographic Image; On the Cumberland Reach, from the author’s collection (2002)
Sydney Morning Herald; 15th December 1863
Sackville North Cemetery Draft Concept Plan
List of Sackville North General Cemetery Burials (or Memorials); compiled from photographic images taken by the author on a site visit in 2002
[SHRB.14] Sackville North Public School
Photographic Image; from the author’s collection (2002)
NSW Government Gazette; 17th September 1875
Sydney Morning Herald; 31st January 1879
[SHRB.15] Sackville North Methodist Church
Photographic Image; from the author’s collection (2011)
Sydney Morning Herald; 31st December 1868 and 28th September 1869
[SHRB.16] L’Estrange, Tuckerman & Mills
Sydney Morning Herald; 16th June 1855
Sydney Morning Herald; 12th September 1856
Sydney Morning Herald; 10th September 1858
[SHRB.17] Gardner & Stephens
Sydney Morning Herald; 28th February 1868
[SHRB.18] Ursula Mitchell (obit.1919)
Photographic Image; from the author’s collection (2011)
Windsor and Richmond Gazette; 25th July 1919
[SHRB.19] Land & Stock Returns 1885
Votes and Proceedings of the Legislative Assembly during the 2nd Session of 1885 : Vol 111. Sydney, Thomas Richards, Govt. Printers, Phillip Street, 1885
Alphabetical Return of the Several Holdings in the Colony, together with the Acreage and the No. of Horses, Cattle and Sheep thereon at 1st January 1885, as returned to the various Clerks of Petty Sessions and Inspectors of Stock
Appendix 2 : Windsor District : Page No. 435 – 457 (inclusive)
Transcribed by the author (2002)
[SHRB.20] Henry Law (obit.1905)
Photographic Image; Headstone of Henry Law, from the author’s collection (2011)
Windsor and Richmond Gazette; 8th July 1905
[SHRB.21] Official P. O. Directory of NSW 1878-79
John Sands, Printer and Stationer, 392 George St., Sydney
[SHRB.22] “Evansdale”
1913; Windsor & Richmond Gazette, 12th July
1914; Windsor & Richmond Gazette, 3rd July
1915; Golden Wedding; Windsor & Richmond Gazette, 8th October
1922; Windsor & Richmond Gazette, 30th June
1924; Windsor & Richmond Gazette, 30th May
[SHRB.23] Iris Esther Chaseling (obit.1912)
Photographic Image; Headstone of Iris Esther Chaseling, from the author’s collection (2011)
Windsor & Richmond Gazette; 4th January 1913
[SHRB.24] “Ulinbawn”
Sketch of Ulinbawn House; Sydney Mail and NSW Advertiser, 28th December 1910
The Sydney Herald; 28th December 1837

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