L’Estrange, Tuckerman & Mills

MARRIED : By special license, at Windsor, on the 13th June 1855, by the Rev P. Hallinan, and afterwards at Wilberforce, by the Rev. T. C. Ewing, Thomas L’Estrange Esq. of Mudgeeto Mary, second eldest daughter of Stephen Tuckerman, Esq. J.P. of Portland Head.

DEATH : Drowned, whilst attempting to cross the Cudgegong River, Mudgee, on the evening of the 1st September 1856, Mr. Thomas L’Estrange, aged 37 years, deeply regretted by a large circle of friends.

MARRIED : On 7th September 1858, at St. Paul’s Church, Redfern, by the Rev. A. H. Stephen, Mr. Thomas Edward Mills, of Mudgee, to Mary, relict of the late Mr. Thomas L’Estrange, and second daughter of Stephen Tuckerman Esq. of Sackville Reach, Portland Head, near Windsor. [SHRB.16]

Sackville North Methodist Church


The former Methodist Church at Sackville, built c.1869 [SHRB.15]

On Saturday 26th December 1868, Mr. John Ducker of Richmond laid the foundation stone of a new Wesleyan Church at Sackville Reach. Constructed of sandstone and measuring 32 feet long by 20 feet wide, the site chosen for the new church was a short distance ‘up the hill’ from where the old chapel once stood before being swept away in the 1867 flood.
OPENING OF THE NEW WESLEYAN CHAPEL  – On Thursday, the 23rd September 1869,  the ceremony of the opening of the new Wesleyan chapel at Sackville Reach took place. The event was regarded with much interest, being made the occasion of a holiday amongst the inhabitants of that neighbourhood, and much rejoicing. The old chapel, it will be remembered, was washed down by the great June flood of 1867, and, with its contents, swept away by the torrent. Since that time the want of a suitable place of worship has been much felt, and there seemed but little prospect of raising another chapel for some years on account of the impoverished circumstances of the people. However, the Rev. J. Phillips, the superintendent of the circuit, nothing daunted, and, with a zeal and energy that will ever redound to his credit, resolved to make an effort for the erection of a new church. He, accordingly, made a personal canvass amongst friends in Sydney and elsewhere, and so far succeeded as to justify him in commencing the erection of the present building, the foundation of which was laid some eight months ago. The building is now completed and was opened for Divine worship on Thursday last, in presence of some hundreds of people from all parts of the district. The Rev. J. Fletcher preached at 11 a.m., and at one o’clock in the afternoon a picnic tea meeting took place, attended by upwards of 300 people. A public meeting was afterwards held in the chapel, presided over by Mr. W. Dean. of’ Windsor. The proceedings were opened with praise and prayer. The chairman offered a few congratulatory remarks on the auspicious opening of the new place of worship, and then called upon the Rev. J. Phillips to read the financial statement. This showed that the building had cost £365, towards which, including the profits on tea meeting and collections, the sum of £330 had been raised, leaving a small debt of £35. The chairman then said he thought, considering the circumstances of the parishioners, that the present was the best time to make an effort to clear off the balance, and suggested that another collection be made. This was accordingly done, and the required amount was raised in a short time. The meeting was afterwards addressed by the Revs. R. Sellers, D. Moore, and J. Fletcher. A vote of thanks was passed to the ladies who had presided at the tea, and to the collectors. A vote of thanks was also awarded to the chairman, and the meeting was thus brought to a close with great success. Few present anticipated such a result, which, combined with the pleasant weather and beautiful scenery of Sackville Reach, rendered the day a most agreeable one, and one that will not soon be forgotten. The chapel is a neat stone building, shingled, 32 x 20, and furnished with substantial cedar pews and an elegant rostrum and communion platform. It is capable of seating comfortably one hundred and twenty persons. The architect was Mr. Thomas Rowe, of Sydney; and the builder, Mr. James Chandler, of Windsor. [SHRB.15]

Sackville North Public School


Former Sackville North Public School Building [SHRB.14]

 An application for the establishment of a Public School at Sackville was received by the Council of Education in 1875. Built of sandstone with a teacher’s residence attached, the building was officially opened on the 25th January 1879 and today forms part of the Brewongle Environmental Education Centre. [SHRB.14]

Sackville Cemetery Draft Concept Plan

See the Draft Concept Plan for the Sackville North General Cemetery :
Comments and Submissions close 20th April 2017

Sackville North General Cemetery Burials (or Memorials)
ALCORN, Rebekah Marian (1946); BECROFT, Edna Jessie (1996); BROWN, Wilhelmina Elizabeth (1926); BUTTSWORTH, Adelaide (1948); BUTTSWORTH, Joshiah George (1940); DOUGLAS, Ephram H.A. (1961); DOUGLAS, Jenny (1983); DOUGLAS, Frances Ellen (1946); GALLAGHER, Catherine (1951); GALLAGHER, Mary (1958); GALLAGHER, Robert J. (1958); GALLAGHER, Joseph L. (1957); GALLAGHER, Violet M.J. (1990); GALLAGHER, Cheryl Anne (1968); GARDINER, Ada V. (1964); JOHNSTON, Olive Lillian (1970); KEMP, Maria (1934); KEMP, Nellie May (1954); KEMP, Peter Henry (1940); MITCHELL, Frederick G. (1961); MITCHELL, Pearl V. (1977); NOBLE, Amelia (1981); NOBLE, Carema May (1978); NOBLE, Cecil Strummy (1973); NOBLE, Elmer (1994); NOBLE, Christopher John (1987); NOBLE, Edwin (1967); NOBLE, Florence Emily (1968); NOBLE, Gertrude Emma (1960); NOBLE, Harold Gilbert (1976); NOBLE, Jane (1931); NOBLE, John (1921); NOBLE, Mary (1928); NOBLE, Norma Joan (2001); NOBLE, William Edward (1948); PETERS, Harry (1951); SHEEN, Phoebe (1930); WHITE, Claude H. (1936); WILLOUGHBY, Charles (1952); WILLOUGHBY, Eva (1980); WILLOUGHBY, Charlie (2000)


Ballendella (obit.1863)

On the 15th December 1863, a newspaper article in the Sydney Morning Herald, titled Hawkesbury River [from a correspondent] records the death of Ballendella, daughter of Turandurey, at Sackville Reach. The burial took place on Sunday 6th December, attended by Mr. Leet, most of the aborigines on the River and some local residents.


On the Cumberland Reach [SHRB.12]

Bailliere’s P.O. Directory, 1867

SACKVILLE REACH, County Cook and Cumberland, Parish of Maroota, Electoral District of the Hawkesbury, Police District of Windsor, 44 miles W. of Sydney
ASPBERRY, John, Farmer; ASPBERRY, Henry, Farmer, Hawkesbury ; BACKS, John,  Farmer, Hawkesbury; BOWMAN, Chas. A., Farmer, U. Portland Head; BOWMAN, Leslie E., Farmer, U. Portland Head; CAMPBELL, Clarence, Schoolmaster, C. of E;  CHATTERTON, Edward, Schoolmaster; COOKE, Thomas, Farmer, Hawkesbury; [COTTON], Alfred, Farmer, Up. Portland Head; DOYLE, Andrew, Farmer, Hawkesbury River; DOYLE, James, Farmer; DUNSTAN, [Tristram], Farmer; EVERINGHAM, Matthew Sen., Farmer, Hawkesbury; EVERINGHAM, Matt. Jun., Farmer, Hawkesbury; EVERINGHAM, Andrew, Farmer, Hawkesbury; EVERINGHAM, John, Farmer; EVERINGHAM, Geo., Farmer, Up. Portland Hd; EVERINGHAM, Geo., Jun., Farmer, Up. Portland Hd; GARDENER, Henry, Farmer; GARVIN, John, Farmer, Up. Portland Head; HUFFINGTON, Arth., Farmer, Up. Port. Hd; HUNT, Matthew, Shoemaker; JOHNSTON, Geo., Farmer, Hawkesbury;  MANNING, Geo. Sen., Farmer, Hawkesbury; MANNING, Geo. Jun., Farmer, Hawkesbury;  PAGE, Rich., Carpenter, Up. Portland Hd; SANDAY, John, Miller; STEPHENS, John, Stonemason; STUBBS, Joseph, Farmer, Up. Portland Hd; STUBBS, James, Farmer, Up. Portland Hd; TURNBULL, Fred., Farmer, Hawkesbury Riv; TURNBULL, George, Farmer, Hawkesbury Riv; TURNBULL, Thomas, Farmer; TURNBULL, John, Farmer; TURNBULL, James, Farmer; TURNBULL, Andrew, Blacksmith; WALL, Richard, Shoemaker, Hawkesbury; WILLIAMS, Philip, Farmer, Up. Port. Head

EBENEZER, County Cook, Parish Unnamed, Electoral District of the Hawkesbury, Police District of Windsor, 41 miles N.W. of Sydney
ARNDELL, Sophia, Farmer, Cattai; ARNDELL, Thomas, Farmer, Cattai; BENNET, John, Farmer, Portland Head; BRADLEY, Gabriel, Farmer, Portland Head; BROWN, John, Farmer, Portland Head; CROSS, Mary, Farmer, Lower Wilberforce; CROSS, Thomas, Farmer, Lower Wilberforce; CROSS, Margaret, Farmer, Lower Wilberforce; DALEY, Patrick, Farmer, Lower Wilberforce; DAVIS, Joseph, Farmer, Portland Head; DAVISON, James, Farmer, Portland Head; HALL, Geo. Smith, Farmer, Portland Head; HALL, John, Farmer, Cattai; HALL, John Smith, Portland Head; HUTCHINSON, Maria, Farmer, Portland Head; JOHNSTON, John, Farmer, Maroota; JOHNSTON, Wm. Hall, Farmer, Portland Head; JONES, John, Farmer, Maroota; McCLELLAND, John, Farmer, Sackville Reach; [McFETRIDGE], Matthew Long, Teacher; RIGELSFORD, Jonathan, Farm Labourer, Lower Wilberforce; RYAN, Darby, Tanner, Portland Head; SMITH, Michael, Farmer, Lower Wilberforce; SMITH, Jane, Farmer, Lower Wilberforce; RYAN, Darby, Tanner, Portland Head; STOCKINGS, John, Farm Labourer, Cattai; STUBBS, Thomas, Tanner, Maroota; TUCKERMAN, Prosper, Sackville Reach; TUCKERMAN, Stephen, Sackville Reach; TUCKERMAN, Chas., Farmer, Sackville Reach; WOODS, Isaac, Labourer, Sackville Reach

LOWER PORTLAND, County Cumberland and Cook, Parish of Cornelia, Electoral District of the Hawkesbury, Police District of Windsor, 53 miles N.W. of Sydney
ATTEWELL, John, Farmer; BLUNDELL, Charles, Farmer; BROWN, William, Farmer;  BROWN, John, Farmer; BURGESS, William, Farmer; CAVANOUGH, Owen, Farmer;  CHASELING, Joshua, Farmer; CHASELING, James, Farmer; CHASELING, John, Farmer; CHRISTIE, Thomas, Farmer; DAYNES, Miles, Farmer; DOYLE, Andrew, Farmer; EALES, William Henry, Farmer; EVERINGHAM, Thomas, Farmer; EVERINGHAM, Henry, Farmer; EVERINGHAM, Matthew, Farmer; GOSPER, James, Farmer; GREEN, John, Farmer; GREEN, Henry, Farmer; HARDIE, Thomas, Blacksmith; HAYMAN, George, Farmer; HOWARTH, Robert, Boatman; JOHNSTON, George, Farmer; JONES, John, Farmer, Colo; JONES, William, Boatman; JONES, William, Farmer, Colo; KEMP, Peter, Farmer; LAMB, John, Farmer; [LAW], Henry, Farmer; LOWE, John, Farmer; MANSON, David, Farmer;  McGANLEY, Owen, Farmer; McKAY, James, Farmer; McPHEE, Alexander, Farmer;  METHERELL, William, Sawyer; MITCHELL, Edward, Farmer; MITCHELL, Joseph, Farmer; MITCHELL, John F., Farmer; MITCHELL, Thomas, Farmer; MITCHELL, John, Farmer; MORAN, Patrick, Farmer; NORTON, James, Teacher; REID, Patrick, Farmer; SAUNDERS, William, farmer; SMITH, Terence, Farmer; SMITH, John, Sawyer, Colo; SMITH, John, Farmer; TURNBULL, Bartholomew, Farmer; WOOD, Thomas, Farmer; ZEPLIN, Henry, Dealer, Hawkesbury River.