A sketch of Ulinbawn House [SHRB.24]

Cyrus Matthew Doyle, eldest son of Andrew Doyle, arrived in NSW in 1803 and became one of the early landholders at Sackville Reach, acquiring sixty-acres on Kent Reach and the adjoining farm of John Yeomans (on the point). Doyle’s home, built from stone, was known as Ulinbawn and was described in the Sydney Herald in 1837 when both farms were advertised to let on lease –

“All that beautiful estate, known as Ulinbawn, consisting of two Farms, containing (one) hundred and twenty-five acres, divided and subdivided into several paddocks, one hundred of which are clear and fit for tillage. The buildings consist of an excellent two storied stone mansion, unequalled for several miles round, having seven rooms, a hall, pantry, and large kitchen, every way adapted to accommodate a family of the first respectability; the out-offices are a stone building for farm servants, a coach-house, stabling for six horses, barn, maize-house, granary, piggeries, sheds, &c., for carts or drays, as well as a small garden and orchard. It being situated in a delightful prospective, embracing a great part of the healthful and invigorating banks of Sackville Reach, distant about nine miles from the town of Windsor” [SHRB.24]


1913 : Wanted – Youth used to horses and ploughing. Wage 5 five shillings per day and board, good references. John Chaseling, “Evansdale”, Sackville North.
1914 : At the residence of the bride’s parents, on the 10th June, a quiet wedding was solemnised between Mr. Hilton S. Law, youngest son of the late Mr. Henry Law, “East View”, Lower Portland, and Miss Edith Chaseling, second daughter of Mr. John Chaseling of “Evansdale”, Sackville Reach. The officiating clergyman being the Rev. B. Hobson, Methodist Minister.
1915 : Golden Wedding – Turnbull & Manning. October 3rd 1865, at the Methodist Church, Sackville Reach, John Warr, fifth son of the late George and Louisa Turnbull, of “Evansdale”; to Ann, second eldest daughter of the late George and Elizabeth Manning of Sackville Reach.
1922 : Mr. C. M. Hayes reports having sold the following property, “Evansdale”, Sackville North, on account Mr. B. F. Herps, 150 acres river frontage, together with 30 head of live stock, poultry, all agricultural implements, etc. to Messrs. Beveridge and Ellis.
1924 : This Saturday, 31st May, Messrs. J.B. Johnston and Co. will submit to auction at the Royal Hotel, Windsor, an orchard property of over 147 acres, known as “Evansdale”, at Sackville North, on the banks of the Hawkesbury River, now in the occupation of Mr. Keith G. Beveridge. There is a large orchard of citrus and stone fruit on the property, also a comfortable residence and outbuildings. [SHRB.22]