Post Office Directory, 1878-79

44 miles north-west of Sydney, in the district of Windsor

ASPERRY, John – Farmer
BOOKS, John – Farmer, Ulinbawn
BRADLEY, Gabriel – Farmer
COPPS, George – Carpenter
DUNSTAN, L. – Farmer, Rosehill Cot.
EVERINGHAM, M. – Farmer, Knight’s Retreat
GOTTS, John – Farmer, Sawyer’s Reach
HALL, George – Farmer, Lilburndale
HALL, John – Farmer, Lilburndale
HALL, Matthew – Farmer, Lilburndale
HALL, Thomas – Farmer, Lilburndale
JOHNSTON, G. – Farmer, Lilburndale
JOHNSTON, William – Farmer
KIRWAN, Colclough – Farmer
LEET, Robert – Storekeeper
MANNING, George – Farmer, Sawyer’s Reach
MORLEY, George – Farmer
MUSGROVE, T. – Farmer, Sawyer’s Reach
STEPHENS, James – Mason
STEPHENS, John – Mason
SOMMERVILLE, James Rev. (Wes)
STUBBS, J. – Farmer, Portland House
TUCKERMAN, Adolphus – Farmer
TUCKERMAN, P. – Farmer, Forest Hill
TURNBULL, Geo. Snr. – Farmer, Evansdale
TURNBULL, J. – Farmer, Mud Island
TURNBULL, John – Farmer, Mud Island
TURNBULL, Thos. – Farmer, Mud Island
WALL, Richard – Farmer
WATKINS, Francis – Farmer
WATKINS, James – Farmer
WHITE, Richard – Farmer

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