Bailliere’s P.O. Directory, 1867

SACKVILLE REACH, County Cook and Cumberland, Parish of Maroota, Electoral District of the Hawkesbury, Police District of Windsor, 44 miles W. of Sydney
ASPBERRY, John, Farmer; ASPBERRY, Henry, Farmer, Hawkesbury ; BACKS, John,  Farmer, Hawkesbury; BOWMAN, Chas. A., Farmer, U. Portland Head; BOWMAN, Leslie E., Farmer, U. Portland Head; CAMPBELL, Clarence, Schoolmaster, C. of E;  CHATTERTON, Edward, Schoolmaster; COOKE, Thomas, Farmer, Hawkesbury; [COTTON], Alfred, Farmer, Up. Portland Head; DOYLE, Andrew, Farmer, Hawkesbury River; DOYLE, James, Farmer; DUNSTAN, [Tristram], Farmer; EVERINGHAM, Matthew Sen., Farmer, Hawkesbury; EVERINGHAM, Matt. Jun., Farmer, Hawkesbury; EVERINGHAM, Andrew, Farmer, Hawkesbury; EVERINGHAM, John, Farmer; EVERINGHAM, Geo., Farmer, Up. Portland Hd; EVERINGHAM, Geo., Jun., Farmer, Up. Portland Hd; GARDENER, Henry, Farmer; GARVIN, John, Farmer, Up. Portland Head; HUFFINGTON, Arth., Farmer, Up. Port. Hd; HUNT, Matthew, Shoemaker; JOHNSTON, Geo., Farmer, Hawkesbury;  MANNING, Geo. Sen., Farmer, Hawkesbury; MANNING, Geo. Jun., Farmer, Hawkesbury;  PAGE, Rich., Carpenter, Up. Portland Hd; SANDAY, John, Miller; STEPHENS, John, Stonemason; STUBBS, Joseph, Farmer, Up. Portland Hd; STUBBS, James, Farmer, Up. Portland Hd; TURNBULL, Fred., Farmer, Hawkesbury Riv; TURNBULL, George, Farmer, Hawkesbury Riv; TURNBULL, Thomas, Farmer; TURNBULL, John, Farmer; TURNBULL, James, Farmer; TURNBULL, Andrew, Blacksmith; WALL, Richard, Shoemaker, Hawkesbury; WILLIAMS, Philip, Farmer, Up. Port. Head

EBENEZER, County Cook, Parish Unnamed, Electoral District of the Hawkesbury, Police District of Windsor, 41 miles N.W. of Sydney
ARNDELL, Sophia, Farmer, Cattai; ARNDELL, Thomas, Farmer, Cattai; BENNET, John, Farmer, Portland Head; BRADLEY, Gabriel, Farmer, Portland Head; BROWN, John, Farmer, Portland Head; CROSS, Mary, Farmer, Lower Wilberforce; CROSS, Thomas, Farmer, Lower Wilberforce; CROSS, Margaret, Farmer, Lower Wilberforce; DALEY, Patrick, Farmer, Lower Wilberforce; DAVIS, Joseph, Farmer, Portland Head; DAVISON, James, Farmer, Portland Head; HALL, Geo. Smith, Farmer, Portland Head; HALL, John, Farmer, Cattai; HALL, John Smith, Portland Head; HUTCHINSON, Maria, Farmer, Portland Head; JOHNSTON, John, Farmer, Maroota; JOHNSTON, Wm. Hall, Farmer, Portland Head; JONES, John, Farmer, Maroota; McCLELLAND, John, Farmer, Sackville Reach; [McFETRIDGE], Matthew Long, Teacher; RIGELSFORD, Jonathan, Farm Labourer, Lower Wilberforce; RYAN, Darby, Tanner, Portland Head; SMITH, Michael, Farmer, Lower Wilberforce; SMITH, Jane, Farmer, Lower Wilberforce; RYAN, Darby, Tanner, Portland Head; STOCKINGS, John, Farm Labourer, Cattai; STUBBS, Thomas, Tanner, Maroota; TUCKERMAN, Prosper, Sackville Reach; TUCKERMAN, Stephen, Sackville Reach; TUCKERMAN, Chas., Farmer, Sackville Reach; WOODS, Isaac, Labourer, Sackville Reach

LOWER PORTLAND, County Cumberland and Cook, Parish of Cornelia, Electoral District of the Hawkesbury, Police District of Windsor, 53 miles N.W. of Sydney
ATTEWELL, John, Farmer; BLUNDELL, Charles, Farmer; BROWN, William, Farmer;  BROWN, John, Farmer; BURGESS, William, Farmer; CAVANOUGH, Owen, Farmer;  CHASELING, Joshua, Farmer; CHASELING, James, Farmer; CHASELING, John, Farmer; CHRISTIE, Thomas, Farmer; DAYNES, Miles, Farmer; DOYLE, Andrew, Farmer; EALES, William Henry, Farmer; EVERINGHAM, Thomas, Farmer; EVERINGHAM, Henry, Farmer; EVERINGHAM, Matthew, Farmer; GOSPER, James, Farmer; GREEN, John, Farmer; GREEN, Henry, Farmer; HARDIE, Thomas, Blacksmith; HAYMAN, George, Farmer; HOWARTH, Robert, Boatman; JOHNSTON, George, Farmer; JONES, John, Farmer, Colo; JONES, William, Boatman; JONES, William, Farmer, Colo; KEMP, Peter, Farmer; LAMB, John, Farmer; [LAW], Henry, Farmer; LOWE, John, Farmer; MANSON, David, Farmer;  McGANLEY, Owen, Farmer; McKAY, James, Farmer; McPHEE, Alexander, Farmer;  METHERELL, William, Sawyer; MITCHELL, Edward, Farmer; MITCHELL, Joseph, Farmer; MITCHELL, John F., Farmer; MITCHELL, Thomas, Farmer; MITCHELL, John, Farmer; MORAN, Patrick, Farmer; NORTON, James, Teacher; REID, Patrick, Farmer; SAUNDERS, William, farmer; SMITH, Terence, Farmer; SMITH, John, Sawyer, Colo; SMITH, John, Farmer; TURNBULL, Bartholomew, Farmer; WOOD, Thomas, Farmer; ZEPLIN, Henry, Dealer, Hawkesbury River.

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